How Touch Piece Systems Works For You

  • First you Sign Up Now

  • Then we create a customized email template with your company branding.

How It Works - Designs

  • While we are creating your customized email template, we ask you to have your webmaster add a page to your website called “Touch Piece”. We will provide the code required for your webmaster so that they can insert it. Then our system will be able to automatically display the weekly content on your website.

  • When your contacts receive their copy of your weekly email that we send out on your behalf and they will click on one of the articles and the magic begins. They will be automatically taken to your website’s “Touch Piece” page where they will gain access to the content.

  • In the welcome video that is displayed on your website they are invited to take a few extra minutes to look around your website. This allows them to see the services that you can provide.

How Touch Piece Looks On Your Website