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We provide you with all the tool:

  • First, we design your customized email template.
  • Second, we create and provide you with a customized website form that allows your website visitors to sign up for your Touch Piece.We will provide you with the information needed to set this up on your website.
  • Third, we create a customized letter to send to your contact list inviting them to sign up for your Touch Piece. This allows them to opt-in so that we are not spamming. PLEASEABSOLUTELY NO PURCHASED EMAIL LISTS ARE ALLOWED TO BE SENT THROUGH OUR SYSTEM. Sending spam may result in us having our license revoked and incurring serious legal issues.
  • Fourth, we prepare and insert the content in your custom email template, proof it and schedule it to be sent out each week through our automated mailing system.

Because of our upfront investment we charge a onetime setup fee of $100. This fee is added to your first billing period. All customers are on a month-to-month basis. To cancel our service to your organization you must provide us with a 30 day written notification of cancellation.

We also provide a special program for supply distributors. Because this program is customized for promoting the company and products it is priced based upon an individual quote. Please contact us for a quote.

General Subscription Cost:

Base Program:

0-500 Contacts…………..$49.99 Monthly

If you have more than 500 contacts that you want to stay in touch with please let us know as there will be an upcharge for each additional 500 contacts.

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